Our belief

Regardless of what we do for a living, what stage of our life we are in or what energizes us for a new day, we all act on our values and beliefs. Doing so shapes our social network, privately and  professionally.
Applegg can barely be called an organization, but the people contributing to it share some values that we consider important enough to share with you. Not religiously, but just as a matter of fact. Why? We believe that any company, big or small, can make a difference by being open and clear on what drives them.
We share these beliefs hoping that you may adopt parts of it. But even if you choose to work with us for other reasons, we value the sustainable contribution you make by adopting us into your supply chain.


Why run a business on basis of values that differ
from those you raise your children with?

With your business, you shape the world in which they live.

Applegg wishes to be successful in its niche, while acting sustainably with respect to people and the planet:

“People Profit Planet”


Applegg works with trained EEG specialists and experimental psychologists at the non-profit organisation Science Center Neurotherapy (SCN). Thus supporting their mission to generate knowledge on the relation between EEG and heart rate, and human wellbeing, and to apply this knowledge to support people in improving their wellbeing.

Our methods of research maximise outcome relevance and minimise impact on panellists: Applegg Online allows them to contribute when it convenes them. This reflects natural use conditions and it is more fun. Applegg Online also unlocks a wider population of panellists with 9-to-5 obligations. Our Applegg Attract services can even be brought to your panellists, anywhere in the world. No more rushing through dense traffic for them!


Regardless of its ideological drive, a business should be economically viable. Applegg claims a fair share for its services. A share that suffices to support its people and its long-term objectives. An example of a long term objective is Applegg’s active collaboration with academia. Fundamental scientific research stood at the origin of Applegg, and will sustain its future, so we believe. By re-investing part of your investment that way, Applegg builds on its long-term successes while stimulating fundamental research for all.

To stimulate scientific research, we offer reduced tariffs for projects of fundamental scientific nature. And by the way, we are open about those tariffs, just ask!


Applegg chooses to work with a bank that has sustainable banking as a primary mission. They, in turn, require Applegg to use resources sustainably and choose its suppliers and clients accordingly. Applegg’s online products (panellist recruitment for online services with local partners), use of electricity from renewable sources, use of biogas-fueled vehicles for commuting and long-term investment policy are all inspired by the awareness of our environmental responsibility.

Yes, we said it... “choosing clients”. We love to assist you in your product development. But we also consider it an enormous responsibility to decide to whom we wish to unlock the potential of technologies like Applegg Attract.