Measuring Emotions while Eating Cookies at Home

Smart cookies

The Virtual Emotion Reader project is a collaboration between the companies VicarVision, NIZO and Noldus, co-funded by the Dutch government. The project's main objective?  To optimize and validate improved software by FaceReader.

The improvement allows more robust  facial expression analysis when faces are partially obscured by objects. This happens when hands, cups or cutlery block the camera view of the face. As a result, the FaceReader can be applied in food and cosmetics R&D.

Applegg contributed with the acquisition and analysis of facial expression results in relation to preference ratings in an online cookie tasting experiment. This marked the final validation of the new Facereader technology AND the successful integration of expression analysis with online consumer testing (see also Applegg Online).

The final report of the validation study was submitted earlier this month, which concludes the three-year collaboration. Our partner VicarVision, producer of the FaceReader software, shares a sneak preview of the results here.

We will keep you updated on new exciting developments in this field of consumer research. An example of this is the use of elementary muscle actions (action unit responses) specific for true hedonic impressions of the evaluated product.


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