Cognitive and emotional
performance tests

Frequently, producers claim augmented functionality of their products. Foods may be nutritious, but also promise benefits like enhanced attention span or improved mental resilience in the face of life’s challenges. Personal care products cleanse and nourish the skin, but also claim to lift your spirit. Product design and finishing serve functionality, but should also make you feel good during the use phase. Applegg offers research services required to substantiate such claims.


Applegg‘s solutions entail validated cognitive performance tests to support your claims. These assess changes in people’s information processing, attention span, vigilance, long- and short-term memory, working memory and response inhibition. Physiological stress levels are assessed by electrophysiological measures (heart-rate variability, EEG adaptive workload), and dedicated quick-questionnaires. Assessments are made in electrophysiological laboratories in the cities of Hilversum and Ede, The Netherlands, or with a mobile test unit on a location of your choice.