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The In-Home Use Test+ (iHUT+)

The In-Home Use Test+ (iHUT+) is a unique, yet cost effective tool to test your products, but with an innovative edge. As you may expect from an iHUT, real consumers evaluate your products at home, conveniently, when and where they feel like it.

Applegg Perform

Frequently, producers claim augmented functionality of their products. Foods may be nutritious, but also promise benefits like enhanced attention span or improved mental resilience in the face of life’s challenges.
Applegg offers research services required to substantiate such claims.

Applegg Attract

Most of the time, we respond to foods and attractive objects automatically and unintentionally. Although we are not consciously aware of it, our brain responds immediately to visual triggers, thus influencing our consumption behaviour. Applegg offers services that use EEG and involuntary responses to quantify those brain responses.

Applegg Apps: 

Solutions, fully geared towards your needs. Could your R&D operations use a boost in speed, reliability, validity of experimental designs or mere reduction of work load? Would you like to improve crucial stages in your data processing pipeline?
Applegg can evaluate bottle necks with you and offers solutions based on your platform of choice.